Just follow these steps…

There is a natural process by which success or failure in managing or controlling our lives takes place. This process is a sequence of steps. If we are aware of what the steps are, we can improve our chances and accelerate our journey towards success.

Steps are as follows:-

1) Behaviour: - This directly controls success or failure. What we do or do not do. Behaviour means “Actions”. The right series of action will always end up making things work better, i.e. you will march closure to success goal. For example, A college student refuses to study, attend classes, never pays attention when he is in class. Will he succeed? Probably “No”.

2) Feeling: - Every action is filtered through our feelings. How we “feel” will always determine how we do or how well we do it. If we feel good or positive about something, we will behave more positive about it. Our feelings directly affect our actions. For example, Imagine a kid with glass milk, his mom is standing next to him. Suppose the kid does not like milk. It is basically a feeling attached to the milk which gets recalled as soon as the kid sees the milk glass. The action of hesitation is carried out soon after. But if a child loves milk, positive feeling attached to milk will get recalled, the child will drink that glass within a minute. Your feelings are created, controlled, determined or influenced by your attitude.

3) Attitude: - Attitude is the perspective through which you see life. Most of us have a combination of positive and negative attitude. The type of attitude governs our feeling. If the attitude is positive we have very open, encouraged, joyous feeling attached to it. If the attitude is negative we have reserved, gloomy feeling attached to it. A good, positive attitude is the basic requirement. It only requires “essential” to any achievement, it plays a very important role in helping us become successful. Attitudes are no accidents. Our attitudes are created, determined or influenced by our beliefs.

4) Beliefs: - What we believe about anything will determine our attitude, create our feelings, direct our actions, and in each instance, helps us do well or poorly, succeed or fail. The belief that we have about anything is so powerful that it can even make something appear to be something different than what it really is. ”Belief” does not require that something be the way we see it be. It only requires us to believe that it is. Belief does not require something to be true. It only requires us to believe that it’s true! For example, if you believe that you have trouble while making friends, you are not confident while talking to strangers. Due to this belief, you may stand back in company social events, may lose great opportunity to converse, enjoy with new colleagues. Our beliefs are created, controlled and directed by our Programming.

5) Programming:- We believe what we are programmed to believe. Our conditioning, from the day we born, has created, reinforced, nearly permanently cemented most of what we believe about ourselves and the environment around us. Programming will result in what we believe. What we have accepted from the outside world, or fed to ourselves, has initiated a natural cause and effect sequential reaction which cannot fail to lead us to successful self-management, or to the unsuccessful mismanagement of ourselves, our resources, and our future.

In a logical progression, Belief determines our attitude, affects our feelings, directs our behaviour, and determines our success or failure:

1. Programming creates beliefs.

2. Beliefs create attitudes.

3. Attitude gives rise to feelings.

4. Feelings determine actions.

5. Actions manifest into results.

That’s the way brain works. So to get results to start with the first step i.e. Programming your mind with the right, positive, successful thoughts.

Hari Om!

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