Just think over it....

The title suggests what I mean to say. Let me tell you at length. Friends, we are living in a world of unending desires. As soon as we complete our old desire, new desire arises and we continue to satisfy that and keeps on and on. In this journey of desire satisfaction, we acquire many physical things which are tangible, but we loose precious non-tangible friends like Anand ( blissful joy), Nidra (nice sleep), Vishwas (faith between each other), Kal (time which is limited). You start suffering for it, it spoils your health, relationship with family due to excessive stress, eventually, you start hating your life.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself "am I really happy?". If you are really happy, then, I will say "Hooray! God bless you! Please continue with your life." But if the answer is "No". Then please read on...

Friends, please spare some minutes out of your busy schedule and think of your present desire. Now weigh it on the scale of "Necessity and a Want".If your answer is a Necessity which is really going to help you as well as your family, you need to pursue it. But if it is just a Want, then you need to do the real math here. Is it really required? Or it is just another 'must be' in life with no real significance beyond its tangible aspect. Is it going to enrich the lives of my family, what will be the real benefits? And then if you can't find the answer, my suggestion is please calm your mind, you need to meditate. But you may say" I don't know how to meditate" I can recommend you one of the time tested method which has benefited many.

Just wear some loose cotton cloths, open your compass in your cell phone check the North direction of your house. Now you sit facing the North direction. Go to Youtube and type "Om chanting at 432 Hz" in the search bar. Select track with the photo of a Lama in red, just play it, close your eyes, listen to the Om chanting and feel the vibrations. This will make you relax and calm. Make it a habit and in due course of time, you will get the answer to the question:- Necessity or Want?

I hope you find real precious friends (explained earlier) in your journey called life

Hari Om!

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